Senior And Elderly Move Managers

Our Clients

We provide hands-on assistance, management, and consulting for the downsizing and moving process. We specialize in assisting families with all aspects of the relocation process. Below are a few of our prospective clients and how we can assist in their transition needs:

Busy Professionals

Who lack the time to personally oversee the moving process. Many of our clients just don’t have the time to spend packing boxes and managing a move while also getting their children to and from activities and working full time. Let us schedule the movers, oversee move day and even provide design consultation in your new home!


Family Members

Who have lost a loved one or are helping their parent(s) downsize or move into assisted/independent living. We can provide peace of mind and give personal attention to every detail. It can be overwhelming not knowing where to even begin the process of assisting your loved one. BCMM can provide the expert guidance that is essential during this time of transition. From sorting, organizing and decluttering, to scheduling licensed movers… we do it all. We can even prepare and stage their home for sale making arrangements for cleaning and repair work, taking the pressure off is as easy as a phone call. Let us help you manage the daunting task of moving!



Who have decided the time is right to transition to a new living situation. Many older adults have not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years, and need to downsize considerably. With seniors, circumstances necessitating a change in living environment often occur without any notice, placing additional strain on family already exhausted by caregiving. To add to the stress, family members often live far away or just don’t have the time to help with the declutter/downsize process. That’s where we come in. We minimize chaos and stress associated with moving by creating and executing a seamless action plan, customized to the client’s and family’s wishes. As a result, the older adults move to a new living environment is celebrated and enjoyed – as it should be.


Empty Nesters

Who are tackling the downsizing process and need some assistance. After raising a family and all of the memories and keepsakes that go along with that, empty nesters often need help disbursing items to family. Bluegrass Crossroads provides hands-on help that includes planning and organizing for the move, developing customized floor plans to help determine what will fit in the new residence, downsizing and sorting, profitably disposing of items not needed, arranging for moving, shipping and storage, packing and unpacking, and completely resettling clients in their new home. Our services reduce the stress and physical demands of moving and provide peace for all involved.


Trust Officers/Estate Attorneys

Who are managing their clients estate. Many of your clients and families come to you for answers, solutions and ideas. BCMM is happy to serve as your right-hand resource- helping your clients through the de-cluttering, downsizing and relocation process. We move people, not boxes. Like you, we exceed our clients expectations every day. Whether your client is moving, needs assistance in downsizing to allow safe “aging in place” or has passed away, BCMM can provide specialized services for families in transition or estates left without a solution.



Who hope to make their clients move stress free. Whether it be a home that needs to be de-cluttered to put on the market, a busy young family with no time to pack, a family member dealing with the loss of a loved one with no idea where to start, or a senior with a lifetime of memories needing to be organized and down-sized- we can handle it all! Let’s work together to serve your clients with downsizing and relocation concerns. Would you like a presentation for your office or group? We’d love to provide information to your clients… it is never too early to start the “process”.


Senior Living Communities

Who are assisting their residents. Many families who call for help are often worn out from caregiving and have no idea what the next step should be in getting their parent(s) moved into the community. Let us help! With confidence, you can recommend BCMM to family members needing to get their loved one into the safety of a senior living community. On move day, we don’t leave until the bed is made, coffee pot plugged in and pictures are hung.

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