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Our Mission

Our goal is to make the transition from your current residence to your new home, whether it be a downsize to senior living or upsize to the home of your dreams, as smooth as possible by providing the services and resources necessary to remove as much stress as possible from your move.  Our free consultation includes a meeting with you at your home to review your moving needs, developing a plan, and preparing you for your move.  Because each move is unique, each plan is unique.

Who We Are

Beth Ann Glassford Haydon Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers

Beth Ann Glassford Haydon

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My specialty is Excellent Customer Service. A word we don’t hear often enough in our world today. Prior to co-founding Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers I have worked Selling/Managing on-line Auctions, Designer, Event Planner, Realtor and one of 5 Woman Contractor’s in the State of Tennessee.


More importantly I have raised two successful daughters Kelly married with two adorable grandchildren living in Nashville, Mary, my world traveler, now resides in Atlanta working in Health Care and my amazing son Bill who has ventured further south and resides in Baton Rouge working for a major construction company. I graduated from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville with a degree in Business Management and a Minor as a Paralegal. I am married to Joe Haydon, retired Military and State Trooper with one son Joseph who works in Louisville.


Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers GrandchildrenI was raised in Lexington, KY through my senior year of high school and after high school we moved to Nashville, TN with McAlpins (KY)/Castner-Knott (TN). After, living in Nashville for over 30+ years I too have experienced the challenge of taking care of our aging parents and recently moving both parents into assisted living!


Not long after moving back to Kentucky, I picked up my passion for “Customer Service” I was blessed to meet and work with my partner Robin Johnson, we spent 2 years together working with an on-Line Auction Company. We wanted to put the word “Service” back in “Customer Service” so, we joined forces and co-founded BCMM.


I am a self starter, creative, pay close attention to detail, and enjoy working with all walks of life. I can honestly say, my happiest moments are helping others.  Which is what led to our passion to create Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers (BCMM). We all know Moving, De-Cluttering, Organizing, Rightsizing, Downsizing, Design, Construction all can be very stressful (RSS-Relocation Stress Syndrome). Helping serve during a very difficult time in family’s lives is the foundation why we developed our services for BCMM.


We provide compassion and the management necessary to make a smooth transition for our clients. We know we have achieved our goal when we receive a HUG and a Referral!

Robin Johnson Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers


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To say that each of us at Bluegrass Crossroads has a sincere passion for what we do daily is an understatement! We truly love what we do, those we get to do it with and getting to laugh together while doing it! We often say our greatest days are those that end with hugs from our clients.


Each of us have parents whom we have either helped move into assisted living facilities, parents aging in place that require check-in visits or parents we have moved in with us to deal with health issues which caused them to be unable to live independently. That last statement would apply to me. It was while managing the downsize/relocation to our home of my own widowed Mother five years ago that I learned firsthand of the overwhelming challenges involved in moving an aging parent….all while also dealing with early onset Alzheimer’s! With a home packed to the rafters with cherished belongings and years of memories, for weeks we dealt with going through the process of trying to downsize, gift specific items to family members, have a sale for some items and donations to charities….not even counting what was hauled off to trash. We realize that not everyone has family living in the same town or that has the time to spend numerous nights and weekends going through mom and dad’s basement and attic. Sometimes it takes a third party to be objective when sorting through others belongings and being able to pay tribute to their memory and history without feeling the need to save everything. Our goal is to spare families the angst often endured during these types of moves by allowing you to keep your family relationships intact, while we coordinate and manage all the aspects of the move. This allows you to be emotionally supportive of your loved one while we handle all the details. Our promise to you is that we will always treat your parent with the same courtesy, compassion, understanding and love that we do while dealing with our own parents.


Bluegrass Crossroads Move Managers YorkieWe offer free in-home consultations to explain our services and answer your questions. We can do as much or as little as you’d like. You can choose to sit back and let us handle every detail of your move, or to be in the director’s chair and tell us exactly what you’d like done. One thing is for certain….we’ll do everything in our power to get that hug at the end of the day!


I live in Versailles with my husband Rick, mom Phyllis and the newest addition…a teacup Yorkie, Emmy! My son and daughter-in-law, Corey and Faith, recently relocated to Nashville, and my daughter, Brittany, is a senior at Western Kentucky University.

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